On this page you can experience dialect speakers reading Lancashire literature by not only hearing the dialect but seeing the source poem as well. This will be particularly beneficial to those unused to the sight and sound of the County's dialect and we hope will encourage people to start 'having a go' themselves once familiarity is achieved.


Geoff Draper Gdma dialect BU Jack Heaton Dialect phrases PA
Jack Heaton Slutch over cart PA Jim Sylvia Berkley Jim Moggy a Mouse OR
Joan Wilson Barley in a game PA Joan Wilson Her Schooldays Story - long PA
Joan Wilson Skipping song PA JWilson JHeaton PFlynn JH Dialect Greetings PA
Peggy Freestone Incomer saw Sport Chorley BU Peggy Freestone Incomer tries to hear boat people BU
Peggy Freestone Speak the Kings English BU Reg Geo Barry Lawson Gradely Collop BU
Ruth Burs Shoes let in water Witchit BU Sheila Petherbridge Poem BU
Susan Draper Dialect poems RU Susan Draper Dialect word glossary RU
Susan Draper Poem RU Will Waterworth Mum not Roby accent DA
Will Waterworth Pronounce J Alton DA Will Waterworth Sex in Cabin DA
Will Waterworth Telling the vicar DA