On this page you can experience dialect speakers reading Lancashire literature by not only hearing the dialect but seeing the source poem as well. This will be particularly beneficial to those unused to the sight and sound of the County's dialect and we hope will encourage people to start 'having a go' themselves once familiarity is achieved.

First School - First School Life

Alex Hodge Computer fundraiser WI Alex Hodge First day school video nits WI
Arthur Bibby Gdad half school half mill ME Barbara Chor Rural school trek CH
Barbara France Barnes Rd Teacher SK Barrie Nowell Junior clogs pumps BL
Bentham Jones Thornton Milk mon to milkman HI Brian Calderbank Primary CH
Carole Dar First day at School DAR Carole Gibbs Primary School 1960s HO
Cunliffe Group Walk to school in AiMak AS Deb Sowerby First school memory PA
Dorothy Fisher Segregate Brother CH Euphemia Goodger CE but convent DA
Euphemia Goodger Indian School DA Euphemia Goodger Indian schoolday DA
Flo Alan Barry Alan school and girls BL Frank Curwood Toy stolen AC
Geoff Monk Durning school PA Geoff Monk Standards not classes PA
Glenys Shepherd Segregation at School WI Gordon Glazebrook One school Not Good HI
Harry Forrest All these other lads MA Harry Forrest Clothes at school MA
Harry Wilkinson School bus and snow LA Hazel Connelly School Milk hated AD
Hazel Connelly Schools in Blackrod Ian Hunter School dinners good
Ian Hunter School Milk Thatcher AD Irene Valentine No uniform but Clogs AD
Jack Heaton Water for School PA Jimmy Kelly Bullying not problem PA
John Marg Ibbotson HerSegregation BL John Marj Metcalfe Brindle School UW
Joyce Hughes Evacuee to Huntly School BU Karl Shacklady School Swim Pool SH
Keith Dalton Croston Meths and Milk CR Maggie Bracegirdle First Memory Boy name BU
Maggie Bracegirdle Picked as Post ration Girl BU Maggie Bracegirdle Schoolday and a Sleep BU
Marg Bbn Catholic Convent Education BL Marg David Young MY School nativity BoPeep PA
Margaret Arkwright Convent fee and Uniform code WI Martin Bradley 1980s smoking at School WI
Megan Sym Primary school first day WI Paul Mackenzie Trainspot in class BU
Percy Harrison Teacher went in pub LEY Rita Holden Separate Blakey boys from Girls
Ronald Birchall One school no moving AB Sharon Lowe Catalogue of Wigan Schools WI
Sheila Petherbridge 3yrs school sleep BU Sheila Petherbridge Schooltimes hooter BU