On this page you can experience dialect speakers reading Lancashire literature by not only hearing the dialect but seeing the source poem as well. This will be particularly beneficial to those unused to the sight and sound of the County's dialect and we hope will encourage people to start 'having a go' themselves once familiarity is achieved.

Home and Family Life - Family Events

Andy OBrien Marriage WI Audrey Dowding Incident with airgun PA
Betty Fairhurst Dads permission WI Doris Birchall Xmas present BI
Eileen Doran Escape from Iran UW Elizabeth Robinson Wedding rations WI
Euphemia Goodger Gun to shoot rabid dogs DA Euphemia Goodger Partition and Caste DA
Euphemia Goodger Stolen by Wolf DA Flo Alan Barry Alan blitzed in Kent BL
Flo Alan Barry Alan moving by horse cart BL George Owen Cows Yed story CH
Gwen Charnock Xmas charity present WI Jean Aston Wedding Dress 1950s AD
Jennifer Rothwell Family member murdered CH Joan Wilson Old style Wedding Fatsong PA
Maggie Bracegirdle Going missing Moors Murder BU Margaret Ladner Streetwalker Chorley HC
Peggy Freestone Curate visit and slang remark BU