On this page you can experience dialect speakers reading Lancashire literature by not only hearing the dialect but seeing the source poem as well. This will be particularly beneficial to those unused to the sight and sound of the County's dialect and we hope will encourage people to start 'having a go' themselves once familiarity is achieved.

Secondary School - Secondary School Life

Adam Sym Sec school Choice WI Alex Hodge School choice first day Sec WI
Arthur Bibby School Sec Catholic ME Barry Ashcroft First day Gram School OR
Betty Fairhurst Gram school Uniform WI Carole Gibbs Sec School 1970s Dinners HO
Cunliffe Group GLSchool Hall AS Deb Sowerby Sec Uniform 1970s PA
Doris Birchall UGS Sausages BI Elizabeth Calderbank High school life EU
George Critchley NME Pops Bus CH Glenys Shepherd School trip London 1953 WI
Ian Hunter Took the school bus BU Jennifer Rothwell Going to Albany CH
John Dowding Uniform and Long Trousers PA Marg David Young MY Being in the Choir PA
Marg David Young MY UpholGS House Star PA Margaret Gardner First day at Sec BU
Martin Bradley Carrying books around WI Martin Bradley Middle School Choice WI
Paul Mackenzie School rebel in a Bowler BU Will Waterworth Short Sec Ed and Athletics DA
Will Waterworth Teacher type descibed DA