A collection of videos and photos of Lancashire Life and its people.

Video Archive

A reminiscence of life in the mill, Bancroft mill in this instance, at Barnoldswick.

The launch of the Noise We Mek!

A short documentary about the Leeds to Liverpool canal

Our very own Sid Calderbank at the 2010 National Dialect Day

Portraits of Lancashire Literary Figures

Over time we will develop an archive of the literary and recorded tradition of the County. Sometimes it's nice to put a face to the verse. Below here we see the photos of many of the notable Lancashire literary figures. In addition to the photos are three charcoal originals of Waugh,Brierley and Laycock presented to the Society by Bob Dobson, for which we thank him. They were executed, according to Bob, by an Indian artist but the signature is not clear. Can anyone help?

William Axon
William Baron
Joseph Burgess
Charles Alan Clark
John Trafford Clegg
Joseph Cronshaw
Sam Fitton
Major David Halstead
Samuel Hill
Randal Mundy
Ammon Wrigley