As a Society, we are keen to network with as many like-minded souls as possible, both within the County and internationally.

Useful Links

All forms of links to others will be listed on this page. If you are interested in our work and would like to link to us, please let us know, and we will add you to our lists.

The Society, however, cannot be accountable for the content, style or functionality of other linked websites.If a link fails it may be the linked website may no longer be Internet connected.Please check if this is so before contacting us.

The Lancashire Society Facebook page

Derek Stanton, has his own Lancashire themed website at

From his previous work with the Lancashire Dialect Society, he has also amassed a number of articles and links. Cick on the hyperlink to view the article or visit the link:

Derek's comments on the state of the dialect with a sample story Click for pdf.

Derek's Poets Corner Click for pdf.

Waugh's Well Click for pdf.

Dialect expert, Peter Wright Click for pdf.

The Accrington Pals Project Click for pdf.

Geoffrey Mather's Perspectives and Profiles of North West Life

Promoting the true identity of Lancashire - The Friends of Real Lancashire

The Weaver's Triangle - a heritage project remembering Burnley's cotton industry

Darwen Historical Society - for all Darreners

Lancashire Dialect Lexicon 'for Gradely Folk' website

Roger Barnes has his own bookshop at

Bob Dobson also has a list of books for sale, especially Lancashire and Cheshire.

Sid Calderbank has his site ,including Lancashire Garland productions

For all things Derbyshire - Keith Kendrick

British Library website

The Essential North West Sound Archive

The Oral History Society (NW)

Bolton Historical Association

Lancashire Authors Association

Biographies and poems of Lancashire dialect poets

Lancashire literary works - Bamford, Laycock,Waugh etc. linked to Victorian radical poet, Gerald Massey

BBC links - Melvyn Bragg and Voices

Family history and Dialect resource at

All things happening in Lancashire including our society at

The Oldham Tinkers - purveyors of fine old Lancashire songs

Interested in local military history- go to