On this page you can experience dialect speakers reading Lancashire literature by not only hearing the dialect but seeing the source poem as well. This will be particularly beneficial to those unused to the sight and sound of the County's dialect and we hope will encourage people to start 'having a go' themselves once familiarity is achieved.

Holiday and Travel - UK Destinations

Andy OBrien Haven hols WI Barrie Nowell Bike to Aunts BL
Brian Downes Cycle from Notts AD Carole Gibbs Potato Pick Royal Show HO
Elizabeth Calderbank Folk Festivals EU Eric Gill Wakes week trip to Ringley CH
Flo Alan Barry Alan IOM Summerlands fire BL Glenys Shepherd Hols by Car WI
Gordon Hodgson Snooker with Gt Train Robbers BL Irene Owen Llandudno and Yelloway Torquay LE
Irene Valentine Exeter by rail AD Jim Sylvia Berkley Jim Wed Honeymoon trip OR
Karl Shacklady Canal hols SH Keith Dalton School to Staithes camp CR
Kenneth Baldwin Mystery Coach Tour AN Lawrence Rigby Full day out on Rail Pass WI
Lawrence Rigby Hols with Rail pass all over WI Margaret Gardner Coach trips Stately homes BU
Martin Bradley Coach to Hol camps WI Martin Bradley What did Hol Camp 1970s WI
Pam Boardman Austin 7 Towyn camp then now HI Pam Boardman Hols in Ex Army Tent HI
Pamela Birchall To Family and Resorts WI Raymond Davies Day out to N BrightonWI
Rose Winstanley Hols S WalesCar got scratched WI Sheila Petherbridge NBrighton meal BU