On this page you can experience dialect speakers reading Lancashire literature by not only hearing the dialect but seeing the source poem as well. This will be particularly beneficial to those unused to the sight and sound of the County's dialect and we hope will encourage people to start 'having a go' themselves once familiarity is achieved.

Home and Family Life - Illness and Accidents

Betty Fairhurst Georges TB cure WI Doreen Thomas Infant mortality WI
Doris Birchall Dad accident BI Dorothy Fisher Diptheria in war CH
Dorothy Fisher Diptheria treated CH Elizabeth Robinson Dad Miner Ulcer WI
Euphemia Goodger Harley St Monkey gland DA Geoff Bellis TB memories CO
George Fairhurst Parent Job illness WI Gordon Glazebrook Hospital visiting 1950 HI
Gwen Charnock Pit accident WI Irene Owen Gdad Bottling accident LE
Malcolm Rigby TB at 10yrs HA Margaret Dean Scarlet Fever Hosp AS
Margaret Ladner Dad died in Quarry HC Raymond Davies Bro died lots of children WI
Rose Winstanley Premature son WI